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Hemp Products Higher Quality of life Tincture 1000 mg 1 OZ. Dietary Supplement
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Hemp Products Higher Quality of life Tincture 1000 mg 1 OZ. Dietary Supplement

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Do you have a sleeping problem, pain, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, insomnia, cancer, epilepsy, chron's disease, or other condition?

Take Hemp Dietary Supplement, pure, effective treatment for higher Quality of life.   

  • 365 DAY SUPPLY: (1000mg Total) with 20mg per serving
  • PURE HEMP OIL THAT WORKS: Made with enriched hemp extract (20mg per serving) and loaded with healthy fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 9. All of our ingredients are naturally sourced and designed to work with your body and not against it — a genuinely premium edible organic full extract.
  • BEST HEMP SEED OIL - Truly the best hemp oil for chronic pain relief and anxiety since it targets the neurons and receptors for stress and tension giving you a more calm, clear, and relaxed state of mind. A natural anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil supplement that helps reduce oxidative stress. Besides this ultra concentration of hemp oil extract helping with chronic pain relief it also helps reduce muscle soreness, joint pain, arthritis while boosting the immune system and sharpening the brain.*
  • REDUCE ANXIETY AND PAIN - premium formula helps to reduce anxiety, support mood stabilization, decrease hormonal imbalances, improve sleep, boost brain and mood, ease pain, soothe stiffness, calm strained muscles, lower inflammation, relieve joint pain, boost metabolism and support weight loss. With double the amount of dosage and supply as our competitors, you'll feel better faster for a fraction of the cost. Vital fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9), GLA, enzymes, amino acids, proteins & antioxidants
  • QUALITY SLEEP - No more tossing and turning. Our easy to take premium grade peppermint hemp oil tincture makes dosing quick and easy without the nasty after taste of regular black seed oil. Hemp oil also assists in slowing down a racing mind and is formulated to give you a Calm Mind, Improve Your Mood, and Relax Your Body. Hemp contains a wide range of valuable nutrients, flavonoids, and terpenoids, as well as essential fatty acids OMEGA-3-6-9, which helps support overall well-being.
  • MADE IN USA WITH 24/7 SUPPORT: All of our supplements are manufactured, tested, and bottled in Davie, FL in an FDA registered facility for quality and consistency. We also offer email support 24/7 and back every purchase with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the results to email us, and we can refund you or get you the right product for your needs.

    SHARPEN BRAIN FUNCTION - Increase focus, stimulate brain health, and improve memory.

    REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS - Remove stress, lift the mood, and reduce anxiety.

    RELIEF PAIN AND INFLAMMATION - Ease pain, calm strained muscles, and promote health.

    SLEEP BETTER - In a recent nationally representative Consumer Reports survey, about 10 percent of Americans who reported trying Hemp said they used it to help them sleep, and a majority of those people said it worked. 


    One of the most popular ways to take cannabinoids, this sub-lingual oil contains full-spectrum or our THC free hemp oil. Oil made using advanced extraction techniques from both flower and leaves. Our tinctures are made using a blend of cannabinoids, MCT oil, and organic and natural essential oil flavorings.

    • Lab-tested for purity and Hemp content display lab results available
    • Made from 100% organically grown pure whole-plant hemp, contains naturally occurring synergistic, cannabinoids and terpenes. The premium THC-free pure hemp oil helps to naturally improve a variety of medical conditions from alleviating pain to natural sleep aid, and even easing stress and anxiety. The lab-tested genuine Hemp product can be taken orally.
    • Increase concentration without opiates or caffeine and naturally improve the quality of mind through our Focus formulation.
    • Each tincture bottle delivers 1000 mg of clean lab-tested/screened industrial hemp oil.
    • 30ml tincture bottle.


      • Full-spectrum whole-plant hemp oil (contains less than .3% THC)
      • Organic MCT oil


      • 1 oz


      • 1.5 " 1.5 " 3 in

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